The joy of cycling – it’s more beneficial than you might realise

So what is it that makes us all keep pedaling? The happy buzz you get after a really good ride can last for days, the feeling of getting fitter and stronger is fantastic ...

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Thinking of a summer cycling holiday this year?

Just imagine it: no worries about stuffing a waterproof jacket in your jersey pocket, developing those cycling tan lines, fantastic scenery, exciting new routes to discover, the chance to meet new people.

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Winter training camps – the best way to beat the winter blues

Worried about not being fit for those sportives you’ve signed up to ride early next year? Planning a ‘biggie’ such as Etape du Tour? Or just fed up with the weather and fancy getting away from it all ...

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Join a Cycling Club

Join a cycling club

I thought about joining a cycling club for months before taking the plunge. Having spent a summer of doing 30-40 mile rides on my mountain bike, I had a road bike on order and knew I wanted to get more out of cycling.

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Our website has had a makeover!

Naturally, we’re rather pleased with how we’re looking – it’s a bit like getting a new cycling jersey or shorts. You know, like when you have to keep looking at yourself from different angles, maybe giving yourself a few admiring glances ...

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Riding solo, what to do when you need to clock up the miles ...

Riding solo

There are no two ways about it, riding solo on your own can be a tough ask. It’s fine if you just fancy getting out for a few hours every now and then, but if you’re training for a particular event and need to put in serious hours week in week out it can be hard to keep motivated.

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Riding your first sportive

Riding your first sportive event

Taking part in a sportive is a fantastic way of setting yourself a personal challenge. It’s not a race against others, you are simply testing yourself over a set course and aiming to complete it within the time standards set by the organiser. Whether you want to achieve your best time for cycling 30 miles or 130, we’ve got some tips to help make sure you get the most out of the event.

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Tony's Fab 5 ... my top 5 cycling gear items I can't live without!

Tony lives in West Sussex, England and used to cycle a lot when he was younger, in fact he also tells us he was quite a good duathlete when in his 20s.  Whilst he continued with his running he did give up cycling for about 15 years simply because life got in the way, but then after his last London marathon he injured himself and was out of action for quite some time.  During his 'thirty something' years he decided it was time to get back in the saddle and try something new again, so he bought a bike and realised just how much he enjoyed it.

Rubik's Cube cycling jersey

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Find a buddy to go cycling with ...

Free to join, CyclingBuddy is an online community of people who love cycling – from novice to well seasoned, cycling to enjoy the scenery, get fit or lose weight, or putting in some serious miles for training. The site has attracted a global membership, but more importantly you can find like-minded people who live near you.

Cycling Buddy charity ride

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