Join a Cycling Club

Join a cycling club

I thought about joining a cycling club for months before taking the plunge. Having spent a summer of doing 30-40 mile rides on my mountain bike, I had a road bike on order and knew I wanted to get more out of cycling.

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There's room on the road for cars and bikes ... really?!

You’ve probably seen at least one of the viral videos captured on cyclists’ headcams that seem to occur with scary regularity – from the ugly face off between a cyclist and the now infamous coffee shop owner driving a 4x4 in Richmond to the driver who chases a cyclist on foot until he falls over.

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Beat the bonk – using energy bars and gels for sportive rides!

Cycling Nutrition

You might not need to worry on an hour-long training ride, but if you’re riding for longer than that – and most certainly when taking part in a sportive – you need to consider on-the-bike nutrition.

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Is there a cycling code of conduct?

Cycling code of conduct


Well of course there is! But if you’re more used to cycling on your own you might be unaware of how groups of riders communicate and ensure everyone is safe. Whether you’re planning to join a club or have a few sportives in the diary, we’ve got some ‘good to know’ pointers for you.


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