The joy of cycling in the summer is not far away ... are you ready?

Can you feel the temperature rising?! Admittedly, the weather’s been a bit unpredictable recently, but there are definitely warmer days on the way.

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Christmas gift ideas for the cyclist in your life

Christmas cycling gifts

Can’t think what to give your cycling loved one or friend this Christmas? Worry not, we’ve taken some traditional present ideas and put a cycling spin (pardon the pun!) on them.

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And you need a winter bike because…?

It could be said that retailers and bike manufacturers are taking advantage of the bike lust that every single cyclist suffers from, that presenting certain models as ‘ideal winter bikes’ is simply a clever marketing ploy to maintain sales. Well, not entirely.

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Planning to ride all year round? Get kitted out for the colder months!

Winter cycling

So it’s bye-bye summer and hello cold, frosty mornings. It doesn’t have to mean hibernating in your onesie on the weekends, you just have to make sure you’re dressed appropriately for the weather. The challenge is to not overdress.

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Mary's Fab 5 ... my top 5 cycling gear items I can't live without!

About Mary ...
Mary lives in Australia and has been cycling since she was about 5 years old, cycled everywhere as a child growing up in the 1950's, she stopped cycling briefly as a teenager and then returned to the bike in 2011 ... now she is a cycling nut!

Rubik's Cube Cycling Jersey

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Julia’s Fab 5, my top 5 cycling gear items that I simply can’t live without!

By Julia - Co-Founder of Summit Different and avid sportive cyclist…

Julia is co-founder of Summit Different and has been a keen road cyclist for many years. She rides in all weathers and clocks up over 100 miles most weeks.  Julia started riding 7 years ago to get fitter and lose weight, from that point she was hooked!  She doesn’t compete, but rode with her local club in Horsham for a season.  Julia rides a number of sportives and charity rides each year.

Summit Different Fab 5

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