The joy of cycling in the summer is not far away ... are you ready?

Can you feel the temperature rising?! Admittedly, the weather’s been a bit unpredictable recently and Storm Katie will have scuppered the plans of many cyclists over the Easter bank holiday, but there are definitely warmer days on the way.

Cycling in the sun

Which means it’s time to reconsider what you’re wearing on the bike. There’s nothing worse than getting kitted out in winter tights and overshoes and find yourself overheating as the sun comes out an hour into your ride – and yes, hands up, we have suffered that very fate. Right now it’s easy to get caught out by the weather, but there are nifty ways of dealing with changeable conditions – without compromising the development of tan lines whenever possible!

Not all cycling jerseys are created equal! When choosing yours remember to check the type of material used, it should have stretch for comfort and good wicking properties to keep you cool and stop you becoming soaked with sweat. Mesh side panels will also help to ensure you don’t overheat. Make sure it has a silicone gripper around the bottom hem – the last thing you want is to have to constantly readjust your jersey on a ride. And you’ll definitely need those all important rear pockets for storage.  Strangely enough, Summit Different’s jerseys fit the criteria! And we have some great designs that will ensure you stand out from the cycling crowd – Rubik’s is always a popular choice.

Ditch those winter tights and pull on the shorts. Make sure they’re comfortable and have a decent pad for longer rides.

Arm and leg warmers
An absolute must! They’re ideal for in-between temperatures and early morning starts – when you’ve warmed up and the temperature begins to rise, they’re easy to remove and take up very little room in a back pocket.

This is probably one of the handiest items you can have. Gilets feel like a little bit of nothing, but they do a brilliant job of keeping your core warm and you’ll be glad you’re wearing one if you set out early in the morning. Just like arm and leg warmers, a gilet is easy to roll up and stuff in a pocket once you’ve warmed up – and always good to carry with you just in case the weather doesn’t turn out as expected.

You’ve probably been using winter gloves until recently, so now is a good time to check your summer gloves. Check the padding and, if you need a new pair, it could be a good idea to look at gloves that have a mesh upper to help breathability.

Stash those warm merino wool socks and replace with a lightweight pair to keep your feet cool.

Okay, we can’t all afford to have several pairs of cycling shoes, but if you are looking to buy a new pair do make sure they have good ventilation. When it comes round to winter, a decent pair of socks and overshoes will keep your toes dry and toasty.

There’s no point in looking cool in your summer gear if you have to squint as you ride into the sun. Prices range wildly, depending on how brand conscious you are, but the important thing is to ensure the glasses provide protection from UV rays and fit well, with no chance of slipping.

If you haven’t got out much over the winter, dust off your helmet and check that it’s still in good condition with no cracks. If you’re in the market for a new one, remember to think about how much ventilation your preferred helmet will provide – it’s just as important as how good it looks and how well it fits.

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