Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cyclists

Roses and chocolates are all very well, but for the cycling love of your life such gifts might fall a little flat. After all, it’s a well known fact that cyclists love new kit and equipment. Cycling is an obsession that needs to be fed and the vast majority of us can never have enough of, well, anything cycling related! So here are our top tips for gifts to give for Valentine’s Day – guaranteed to ensure your cycling husband/wife/partner will be delighted when they tear off the wrapping paper!

Valentine's Day gifts for cyclists

Love me, love my bike
Does your other half treat their bike like it’s the Crown Jewels? More than likely (and rightly so!). It probably gets more attention than you some times, and at this time of the year cleaning up after a ride can take a fair amount of time. So why not treat them to some new cleaning kit – it’ll make the job quicker and more effective, which then means more time to spend with you! We particularly like
Muc-Off and the various bundles you can buy.

Home is where the heart is
The trouble is, cyclists can be gone for hours! How about a Garmin – a great gizmo to use and it’ll help make sure they don’t get lost and can get back in time for dinner/date/trip to the supermarket!
The Edge Explore 1000 has a battery life of up to 15 hours and excellent mapping functions, so it could be a good choice if your other half has a tendency to go astray.

How deep is your love?
Is one bike ever enough? If the love of your life is lusting after a new model, the gift of a bike is probably the single greatest expression of love you could ever make. Of course, this could stretch the finances somewhat, but retailers such as Tredz offer 0% finance on purchases over £250. They say love hurts, but this definitely softens the financial blow.

Say it with roses Rosie
Our Rosie the Riveter cycling jersey is the perfect gift for the lady in your life. Rides like a girl? Yep, and she’s tough and gutsy to boot!

Red is romantic
For your special man, how about a Simon’s Cat jersey. It’s good quality kit, it’s red, it fits the bill.

Feeling a bit saucy?
After hours in the saddle, ‘things’ can feel a little sensitive – it’s can be a passion killer. So maybe some chamois cream will save your Valentine’s Day! Assos Chamois Cream gets a big thumb’s up.

And one for literary lovers
Ventoux by Bert Wagendorp has been getting some great reviews. A novel about old friends who get together to ride up Mont Ventoux, it’s as much about friendship and relationships as it is about cycling.

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