Christmas gift ideas for the cyclist in your life

Can’t think what to give your cycling loved one or friend this Christmas? Worry not, we’ve taken some traditional present ideas and put a cycling spin (pardon the pun!) on them.

  1. Remember how as kids we all loved to get an annual? For more grown-up reading material how about an annual subscription to a cycling magazine! We found titles such as Cycling Weekly and Rouleur on, with up to 30% off the usual price.
  2. Socks and underwear always seem to creep into the present pile one way or another! So what better than making sure that toes will be cosy during winter training, with a pair of merino wool socks that stay warm when they’re wet, are odour resistant and wick away sweat. And if you’re shopping for undies, female commuting cyclists will love these fun yet very practical padded polka dot pants.
  3. Hats, gloves and scarves are good practical presents. Sealskinz, a brand that has become synonymous with quality garments for outdoors activities, does a great range of cycling gloves. Bulky scarves don’t really cut it on a bike, so choose a funky neck warmer instead (that can then be worn in many different ways) – there are loads on the market, but Buff was the original. And to stop heads getting chilly under the helmet, choose a thermal skullcap or headband – or even a balaclava if the cyclist in your life insists on riding in Arctic conditions.
  4. We all have a favourite mug (don’t we?), so why not give one as a gift – we found some fun ones on Supermug. The messages tap in perfectly to the cycling psyche.
  5. Looking for cufflinks and earrings? We’re frankly amazed by just how much cycling-related jewellery is available. Cycling Jewellery is a young British company set up by talented jewellers who are also keen cyclists – the result is a fabulous collection of finely crafted silver jewellery, from bracelets to keyrings and covering all cycling disciplines (naturally!). Respoke Designs goes one step further and creates jewellery using recycled bike parts – you’d be surprised by what can be made from a bicycle spoke!
  6. Christmas pyjamas seem to be a growing tradition, so we’ve found Apres Velo for the ladies and some cool loungewear PJ's for the men.
  7. Likewise, Christmas jumpers fly out of the shops. So we’d be mad not to give ourselves a little shout out here – The Grinch cycling jersey would make a perfect Christmas present. But then so would any of our range!
  8. Stocking fillers are easy – puncture repair kit, spare inner tubes, multi-tool, chain lube, there is an endless list of little bits and pieces that will fit very nicely into even the smallest stocking! And don’t forget to swap the Terry’s Chocolate Orange for energy bars and gels!
  9. Looking for a big surprise that comes in a little box? It would probably have to be a Garmin or a GoPro camera, everyone loves new tech!
  10. For a big present in a big box, we reckon a turbo trainer would produce squeals of delight.
  11. And for a big present that’s impossible to wrap? Well, it has to be a bike – and someone would need to have been very, very good all year to get that kind of present! But retailers are trying to shift stock to make way for the new 2016 models, so there are some fantastic deals if you shop around (and know what frame size to buy).
  12. Smellies! Well yes, us cyclists can be a bit smelly after a long ride and sometimes we just don’t want to hit the shower or bath straight away, so we wouldn’t even dare suggesting an alternative to perfume and aftershave!

Happy Christmas shopping!

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