Our website has had a makeover!

Naturally, we’re rather pleased with how we’re looking – it’s a bit like getting a new cycling jersey or shorts. You know, like when you have to keep looking at yourself from different angles, maybe giving yourself a few admiring glances every now and then! We just keep finding ourselves clicking different pages to enjoy the functionality, the user experience and all those things that you, our lovely customers, deserve!

So what’s new?

Well, first of all we’ve had a bit of a tweak to our brand. Our logo has subtly evolved into something much stronger, and it’s got just the right touch of quirkiness that sums up our cycling jerseys.

Navigation wasn’t great on the old site, so we hope you agree that it’s much easier and quicker to find your way around the new one. We’ve got nice, tidy menus that ensure all the important stuff is clearly visible. And the whole ordering part is now much improved – when you’re choosing your jersey you can see straight away how much stock is available in your size, a really good addition in our opinion because we hate disappointing customers because an order can’t be fulfilled immediately.

We’re also rather excited that the new site works beautifully on all devices – whether you’re ordering a jersey on your work computer (we won’t tell!), browsing our wares on a tablet while you’re in the bath, or making an order on your mobile and enjoying a coffee stop in the middle of your Sunday ride (after all, some things cannot wait!), you can access Summit Different every which way!

Like one of a cycling jerseys and want to tell the world? A quick click takes you to your social media platform of choice and you can let friends and family know to look out for you in your new Simon’s Cat jersey, or that you’d love The Grinch jersey for Christmas! And you can now tell us and other customers exactly what you think of our jerseys by adding a product review – we always appreciate feedback and we know that you like to know what other people think about quality, fit, value for money and so on.

We also want to keep in touch with people more, so we’d love you to join our newsletter mailing list – as a thank you we’ll even give you £5 off your first order. You know it makes sense! And coming soon will be the option to buy gift vouchers – the perfect present for a cycling friend or loved one.

So what do you think? Do let us know how user friendly you find the new look Summit Different online store.

If you are an existing customer and you created an account on the old Summit Different store, unfortunately we could not transfer your account details to the new site.  When you visit us again you can re-create your account on the new site.


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