Tony's Fab 5 ... my top 5 cycling gear items I can't live without!

About Tony ...

Tony lives in West Sussex, England and used to cycle a lot when he was younger, in fact he also tells us he was quite a good duathlete when in his 20s.  Whilst he continued with his running he did give up cycling for about 15 years simply because life got in the way, but then after his last London marathon he injured himself and was out of action for quite some time.  During his 'thirty something' years he decided it was time to get back in the saddle and try something new again, so he bought a bike and realised just how much he enjoyed it.

Rubik's Cube cycling jersey

His main reason for cycling is mainly for health and fitness reasons, but also socially as he enjoys weekend and evening rides with his friends around some of the rustic and quaint hamlets in Sussex.

Tony's biggest achievement on the bike:
His biggest achievement to date was a 300 mile cycle ride over 4 days from Lands End to Gatwick in March 2013 with a bunch of friends. Up until then he had only ridden 20-30 mile rides and this was a completely different challenge that hurt a lot, but he now looks back with some very fond memories.  With no more big cycling challenges planned this year, he still continues to get in about 50-70 miles a week, with his main goal being, to enjoy his weekend cycle jaunts with his mates and try to do more hill training!

Tony's favourite 5 cycling items...

1. Garmin Edge 800
Loves the data analysis bit.

2. Puncture Kit
Always worried about being stranded.

3. Bike Pump
No point having the puncture kit if you can’t then fill it!

4. Helmet
Of course this is essential.

5. Oversized water bottle
Tends to drink a lot when cycling.

Could you be our next featured ‘Fab 5 Rider’!

We’re looking for your top 5 cycling gear items that you can't live without – those bits of cycling kit or clothing that really do make cycling even better and you’d love to share with your fellow cyclists.

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How to send us your ‘Fab 5’ submission:
Send us an email at and tell us your 5 favourite items and why you love them plus submit a picture of you in cycling action or even wearing your favourite Summit Different jersey!  It’s as easy as that.

Then we’ll pick one winner each month to feature.
Good Luck!

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