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Ever look out of the window and decide to put off training until tomorrow (or maybe the day after that)? Ever wish that going up hill didn’t always feel quite so hard? Ever feel annoyed that you put in so much effort yet the stats on your Garmin suggest you were cruising? Ever regret that no one was with you when that fantastic rainbow appeared after the freak shower (and you didn’t have a waterproof).

Cycling Buddy charity ride

Maybe you need a cycle buddy! It can make a huge difference to your motivation, what you can achieve and level of enjoyment.

  • Knowing that someone else is expecting a ride to happen at a certain time on a certain day will greatly improve your resolve to get out there and do it – it’s easy to let yourself down, far harder to let down someone else.
  • Company can make a challenging ride feel far easier. Conversation can take your mind off physical effort – exertion tends to hurt less when you’re not solely focused on what your body is doing.
  • Facing a challenge together will make you more determined and you can each encourage the other. And sharing the experience of conquering that steep gradient will boost your ‘happy hormones’ and keep you in a positive mindset.
  • You can improve efficiency by taking turns to slipstream – and feel like a pro!
  • Two is safer than one. You can both spot potential dangers, two cyclists are more visible to motorists, and if you crash or have a mechanical problem you won’t be alone.

In short, you’ll go further, faster, longer – anything will feel possible!

If you ride with a cycle club it’s relatively easy to identify people of similar ability, and it’s then just a case of sifting out those whose conversation doesn’t quite do it for you. But if you don’t know any other cyclists fear not, help is at hand

Free to join, CyclingBuddy is an online community of people who love cycling – from novice to well seasoned, cycling to enjoy the scenery, get fit or lose weight, or putting in some serious miles for training. The site has attracted a global membership, but more importantly you can find like-minded people who live near you.

It’s easy to sign up. Needless to say, the search facility is largely determined by your address details, and if you’re sensitive about your age, get over it – everyone has to give their age and it helps when browsing members in your area. Add a picture, write your profile and you’re off! Log your rides and that additional information will improve the matching process even more. You can search by distance, alphabetically or newest members, contact potential buddies and hopefully go for a spin together.

So next time you’re feeling dampened by a bit of drizzle and feel the duvet beckoning, think again! Get a cycle buddy and get out there – you know you’ll feel better for it!

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