It’s all about the cat… isn’t it?!

Love cats, love cycling? Then what could be better than wearing one of our Simon’s Cat cycle jerseys!

Simon's Cat is a fabulous animated series created by the very talented illustrator Simon Tofield. First appearing in 2007, Simon’s Cat has gained a global following both online and in print. We’ve always loved this funny feline, and when we started Summit Different Simon’s Cat was high on our list of most desirable characters to do business with.

So we were delighted to become the only retailer – apart from the official Simon’s Cat online store – to be licensed to sell Simon’s Cat merchandise, and in May 2013 we launched our range of Simon’s Cat cycle jerseys. We’d hoped the range would be popular but sales exceeded even our wildest dreams. Over the last two years we’ve sent Simon’s Cat cycle jerseys to customers in 32 countries, with highest demand from the UK, followed by the United States, Germany, Australia and Italy respectively. It’s hardly scientific but we’re wondering if cyclists the world over are also dedicated cat lovers!

Simon’s Cat ‘Classic’ cycle jersey is being discontinued this Summer, but we still have stock in many sizes, so if you fancy one now is definitely the time to make your order! The good news is that we’ll be unveiling a new Simon’s Cat technical t-shirt later this year – we think it’s rather purrfect (geddit!) and can’t wait to get it online and show you. So watch this space! Seriously though, this success must be, in some part, down to the fact that Simon’s Cat translates across any and every language. Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, cats will be cats and their behaviour is instantly recognisable. But the other part (we think!) is down to just how well the cartoon works on our cycle jerseys.
From the ‘Classic’ design showing the cat in different poses and expressions to the deceptively cool ‘Looking Up’, Simon’s Cat is every bit as playful when being worn as the animated version. Most popular, not surprisingly, is the ‘Hanging On’ jersey – if this cycle jersey doesn’t put a smile on the most impatient car driver’s face as they wait for an opportunity to overtake, I don’t know what will. Never let it be said that Summit Different is not doing its bit to promote greater harmony between cyclists and motorists!

 n the meantime, why not head over to the new Simon’s Cat website and have a chuckle at April Showers, their latest animation.

Simon's Cat April Showers film

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