Mary's Fab 5 ... my top 5 cycling gear items I can't live without!

About Mary ...

Mary lives in Australia and has been cycling since she was about 5 years old, cycled everywhere as a child growing up in the 1950's, she stopped cycling briefly as a teenager and then returned to the bike in 2011 ... now she is a cycling nut!

Her main reason for cycling is the feel good factor, it keeps her healthy and makes her happy. In her own words, 'it has truly been life changing, it is both fantastic for exercise and health as well as a natural meditation'. Mary spends most of her cycling hours on the road, but does venture off road on her mountain bike and cycle trails. She used to do a lot of group rides, but now tends to go out cycling early in the morning on her own, 'cycling up the road with the mountains behind me'.

Mary's biggest achievements on the bike so far are:
3 times cycling the 'Cycle Queensland' rides, 600 kilometers over 8 days
Alps2Ocean ride in New Zealand, 301 Kilometers over mountains and past lakes and rivers

Her goals for 2015 are to continue and ENJOY cycling.

Rubik's Cube Cycling Jersey

Mary admits to having over-exerted herself and even become dehydrated. Now she says she is  into mindful cycling, enjoyment and safety are paramount.  So her goals are to stay safe and happy on the bike. And of course she is doing Cycle Queensland this year in September which is becoming the highlight of each year.

Mary's favourite 5 cycling items...

1. Cycle Jerseys
I am a cycling jersey addict and have a cupboard full (including some lovely Summit Different ones!) Here I am sporting my lovely Rubik's jersey.
2. Samsung Phone
I enjoy taking lots of photos so friends on Twitter and Facebook can have a vicarious ride.
So I can take a screenshot of elevation - boast tweet! :)
4. Mirror (Bosch Muller or Mirrycle)
I have only recently began using a mirror on all my bikes and now would not do without!
5. Lights Rear and Back
I use Guee Lights which are awesome; as I often cycle around country roads a flashing light is essential for visibility.

Could you be our next featured ‘Fab 5 Rider’!

We’re looking for your top 5 cycling gear items that you can't live without – those bits of cycling kit or clothing that really do make cycling even better and you’d love to share with your fellow cyclists.

And even better… if you are chosen to feature in our 'Fab 5' you will WIN a £25 Summit Different gift voucher to spend online! 

Each month we’ll pick one Fab 5 submission to win a £25 gift voucher and be featured on our Summit Different blog and Facebook page.

How to send us your ‘Fab 5’ submission:
Send us an email at and tell us your 5 favourite items and why you love them plus submit a picture of you in cycling action or even wearing your favourite Summit Different jersey!  It’s as easy as that.

Then we’ll pick one winner each month to feature.
Good Luck!

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