Julia’s Fab 5, my top 5 cycling gear items that I simply can’t live without!

By Julia - Co-Founder of Summit Different and avid sportive cyclist…

About Julia

Julia is the co-owner of Summit Different and has been a keen road cyclist for many years. She rides in all weathers and clocks up over 100 miles most weeks.  Julia started riding 7 years ago to get fitter and lose weight, from that point she was hooked!  She doesn’t compete, but rode with her local club in Horsham for a season. Julia rides a number of sportives and charity rides each year.

Her bike collection now includes 3 bikes consisting of two road and a mountain bike.  Having just started mountain biking this winter - she is loving it, but admits to keep falling off!

First sportive was London to Brighton 2008
Biggest ride was London to Paris in June 2012
Longest ride in one day was 106 miles, Winchester 100

Summit Different Fab 5

Julia's favourite 5 cycling items...

1. Garmin Edge 810
Without this amazing piece of tech I would, quite literally, be completely lost.  The Garmin Edge 810 provides brilliant navigation on a ride, which means less stress worrying about your route and more opportunity to concentrate on your performance or the freedom to enjoy your surroundings.  It’s also invaluable for all the data it provides – distance, speed, gradients – which can be downloaded to your smartphone.  You can create a log of courses and workouts, which is great if you’re in training mode and preparing for a big event.  And with a 17-hour battery life, my Garmin always lasts longer than my legs!

2. Sealskinz Socks
I can’t bear having cold feet, something that seems to be a curse for so many cyclists.  Sealskinz has to be the ‘go to’ brand for anyone who loves being outdoors but still wants to be WARM and DRY at all times, and these mid length socks keep my toes deliciously cosy.  Cycling shoes feel like refrigerators in the colder months, so a good pair of socks is essential and Sealskinz has got theirs absolutely right – waterproof, windproof and breathable.

3. Rapha Protective Neoprene Overshoes
It stands to reason, doesn’t it, that if I see socks as a highly desirable item I’d also be an advocate of overshoes!

Well, for those of us who manage to keep smiling through the winter months, even in the coldest temperatures or wettest weather, that smile has to be all the bigger for having dry feet from the beginning to end of a ride!

4. Assos Chamois Creme
I swear by this particular chamois cream.  If you’re cycling long distances saddle sores can be a real problem, so why take chances? One pot actually lasts for ages and the cream is non-greasy and feels nice and cooling against the skin.

5. Quad Lock iPhone bike mount
Ever wonder what to do with your phone, especially if you use an App for training or navigation? Personally, I can’t bear delving around pockets to try and retrieve my phone whilst trying to concentrate on the road and traffic. The Quad Lock is a really smart and robust piece of kit that keeps your phone secure and within easy reach, and it comes in different sizes for specific smartphone models.

Could you be our next featured ‘Fab 5 Rider’!

We’re looking for your top 5 cycling gear items – those bits of cycling kit or clothing that really do make cycling even better and you’d love to share with your fellow cyclists.

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Each month we’ll pick one Fab 5 submission to win a £25 gift voucher and be featured on our Summit Different blog and Facebook page.

How to send us your ‘Fab 5’ submission:
Send us an email at info@summitdifferent.co.uk and tell us your 5 items and why you love them plus submit a picture of you in cycling action or even wearing your favourite Summit Different jersey!  It’s as easy as that.

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Good Luck!

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