Yeah... the clocks have gone forward!

Yes indeed, Sunday 29 March marked the official start of British Summer Time and there were plenty of groans all over the country as we lost an hour of precious sleep. But I see it as short-term pain for long-term gain, because lighter evenings can only mean one thing ... more cycling time!

And how blissful is that. If you've survived the winter months by grabbing a few hours here and there over the weekend to go for a spin when weather permitted or headed to the gym instead to maintain a level of fitness – or even waved a white flag and took to your sofa for the entire duration - this one little lost hour is really nothing to mourn.

Summer cycling, the clocks have gone forward!

There’s nothing worse than fighting the dark when you’re trying to train – the annoyance of having to cut short a ride because you got home from work half an hour late or realising you’ve got a puncture just before you set out can really spoil the positive cycling vibes. Little things can become big barriers to getting out there and doing what you want to do (and doesn’t it make you ever so slightly grumpy, too?!).

It’s time to ditch the turbo and get back outside!

If you’re training for a sportive, but having to fit your training around your job, there will now be more opportunity to fit those all important short midweek sessions into your evening routine. Even if you’re a commuting cyclist that ride back home will feel so much more pleasant. No more worrying about that horrible half light as dusk falls and whether you’ll need lights and the hi-viz jacket to make sure motorists can spot you – not to mention being able to see where all the many potholes are.

Nope, we are now firmly headed towards the glory of warmer, lighter evenings when you can cycle to your heart’s content. And of course, that also means that you can gradually start to ditch the layers, the full-length tights and warm socks and get back to your Summit Different short sleeve cycle jersey. What’s not to love we say!

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