**NEW RELEASE** Rubik's Cube Cycle Jersey

They may only be 1 solution to completing the Rubik's Cube ... but now there is only 1 Rubik's Cube Cycle Jersey!

Since January we have been working with the team at Rubik's Brand to bring you the first ever Rubik's Cube cycle jersey. If you are a Rubik’s Cube fan that loves cycling then this has to be the jersey for you.

Rubik's Cube Cycling Jersey

Since its global launch in 1980 the Rubik's Cube has firmly become an iconic design of the 20th century, so we just had to do this design and bring the Cube to life on the back of a cycle jersey.

Rubik’s Brand CEO Mike Townend said, “It takes a great deal of imagination, design and time to visualise how well the Rubik’s brand would work on a Cycling Jersey and Summit Different have certainly delivered.  It's great to see the vibrant colours on the jersey and I look forward to spotting them out on the streets”.

All of us at Summit Different remember and used to own a Rubik's Cube, but none of us actually completed it without some form of cheating.  Did you?

It has been such a great creative process in designing, developing and bringing this cycle jersey to market, I think there will be no doubt that people will recognise the design instantly when a cyclist goes past with this jersey, it will really make cyclists stand out from the crowd.

The jerseys will be available in men and women’s sizes and like our other jerseys are made of high performance, breathable polyester fabric that keeps you the wearer cool, dry and fresh.  There is a hidden locking zipper at the front for ease of getting on and off, and the zipper is so well hidden it doesn't interrupt the design at all.  There are the standard 3 deep rear pockets for storage and the garment is professionally finished with silicon gripper at the hem to stop the jersey from sliding up.

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the most recognised design icons of the 20th century and remains to be the top selling puzzle toy of all time, let’s see if we can make it the top selling jersey of all time!

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