Cycle Jersey Design Competition with Brighton University

This year has been another hugely significant sporting year for the UK, especially in the world of cycling.  So we thought it would be a good idea to find some design students and have a competition to design a cycle jersey.

Brighton University students from the 2nd year Textiles BA(Hons) course took part in a cycle design competition during the summer.  The competition lasted three weeks and was organised by two lecturers Leo Santos-Shaw and Patrick Dyer along with Summit Different.

Cycling jersey competition

Image: Left to right, Tony Piedade, Leo Santos-Shaw (Textiles Senior Lecturer) with five of the short-listed students: Laura Beirne, Louise Heseltine, Amy Clarke, Jasmine Rawson and Jenny Cunliffe, with Director and Co-Founder of Summit Different, Julia Southward.

The students were invited to produce a collection of printed textile designs for mens, womens and unisex cycling tops. The brief was fairly loose in terms of themes and ideas so each student was able to approach the challenge from their own creative angle.

Seven students were shortlisted and their designs were printed and prototyped ready for runner-up and winner selection.

The competition has proved to be an example of opportunities open to students and assist them in gaining the knowledge and experience of creating designs in a business context that will be of value to them in their future careers.

The winner and runner-up will be formally announced in the coming weeks.

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