Simon’s Cat Official Jersey Signing

On 18th September 2013 Summit Different met with Simon Tofield the creator, illustrator and animator of Simon’s Cat.

If you don’t already know, Simon’s Cat was an overnight sensation and award winning animated cartoon series created by English animator Simon Tofield.

Simon Tofield signing cycle jerseyUp to the launch of the Simon’s Cat cycle jerseys, Summit Different were working with their licensing agency and production team, so this was the first opportunity for us to actually meet Simon Tofield.  With the ever increasing success of Simon’s Cat, he is an incredibly busy man so you can imagine we were delighted to get the chance to meet him.Simon's Cat is a mischievous and often hilarious house cat who uses heavy handed tactics to get its owner to feed it.  He is a captivating and often boisterous feline who will do just about anything to be fed.  His first appearance was online in a film called 'Cat Man Do' which soon became an overnight viral sensation, now boasting a huge following on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Since his first appearance Simon's Cat has performed in many of his own films, books and games and has very much found a place in people's hearts all around the world.

What a fascinating setup they have at their studios in London, we were in total awe of watching their production team at work creating their latest animations.  Simon loves the jerseys and commented on how eye catching the designs are, how well the colours work on the technical fabric and the quality and how well made they were.

Summit Different are extremely proud to work with Simon’s Cat and retail this exclusive range of Simon’s Cat cycling jerseys for all you avid cyclists out there.


There are currently three Simon’s Cat cycle jersey designs available, 'Hanging On', 'Looking Up 'and 'Classic'.

If you are already enjoying one of these Simon’s Cat cycle jerseys then we would love to hear from you, also if you would like to share a photo of you in your Simon’s Cat jersey then even better.  Please send any feedback or photos to:

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